A discreet, all natural alternative for those private "tropical moments" that aren't so...private.
What is ChillPax and who is it for?

Chillpax Cooling PacksChillPax is a unique personal on-demand cooling system designed for a woman’s active lifestyle. The cooling system consists of a chic black insulated carrying case and two gel packs that are 4 ¼ inches wide with a total weight of 5.4oz.

ChillPax is a safe and effective topical solution to combat the physical effects of hormonal changes brought on by menopause (pregnancy, surgery or chemical therapy). ChillPax can also be used to alleviate the pain and discomfort of day-to-day irritations such as headaches, sprains, menstrual cycles, anxiety attacks, heat stroke, and heat intolerance. As well as minor injuries such as insect bites, cuts and bruises. Use ChillPax to cool down after a workout, during outdoor activities in the sun and it's safe to use on children too!

How does ChillPax work?

Chillpax works by constricting local blood vessels, thus decreasing the flow of blood and lowering body temperature. When you feel a "tropical moment" about to strike, remove a gel pack from the carrying case and place it anywhere on your body that is cold sensitive. ChillPax discreetly conforms to your body's contours for an instant cooling sensation that stops heat in its tracks.

How do I use ChillPax?
Chill Pax
  1. Remove the clear wrapping from the gel packs.
  2. Place two gel packs in each of the insulated butterfly cooling cases and zip close. 
  3. Store both ChillPax cases (containing the gel packs) in the freezer and leave overnight (or until frozen).*
  4. In the morning, remove one of the ChillPax cases from the freezer, place in your purse and you’re ready to go!

*Freeze the second case and gel packs as backup. Leave it there or take it with you. Store it in the freezer at work or wherever you are headed for a continuous supply of relief throughout the day!

  1. When you feel a “tropical moment,” coming on, remove one gel pack from the ChillPax case and apply it to the wrist, inner arm, back of the neck, forehead, chest, between your legs - or any part of the body that is cold sensitive.
  2. When the moment passes, place the used gel pack back into the ChillPax case and zip close. The insulated carrying case will keep the gel packs cold for an average of 6 hours, depending on frequency of use.
  3. Repeat whenever you feel a “tropical moment” strike again!

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